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Immanuel kant quotes about freedom love life duty morality at starsquotes prominent german philosophren from 22 april 1724 to 12 february 1804. Book by immanuel kant 1785.

Freedom Is Not Letting You Do Whatever You Wanna But Teaching You Not To Do The Things You Don T Wanna Do Immanuel Kant 自由不是想做什麼 Freedom Quotes Words Quotes

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Immanuel kant quotes about freedom. Freedom is the alone unoriginated birthright of man and belongs to him by force of his humanity. Immanuel kant freedom is independence of the compulsory will of another and in so far as it tends to exist with the freedom of all according to a universal law it is the one sole original inborn right belonging to every man in virtue of his humanity. Kant therefore endorses the law of equal freedom that everyone should have maximum freedom to pursue happiness consistent with the like freedom of everyone else or what some libertarians have called the non aggression principle this principle applies under government not just in the state of nature.

Without the sensuous faculty no object would be given to us without understanding no object would be thought. Thoughts without content are void intuitions without conceptions blind. And is independence on the will and co action of every other in so far as this consists with every other person s freedom.

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